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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Millard West headband for Linsey!
Green and blue clip for Claire!
Cream, grey, and black clip for Claire!
Peacock themed bow for Abby!
Go Huskers!
I just had to post this picture of one of my favorite girls Whitney Ann, always wearing her Shabby Shack bow even when playing in her golf tournament!!
My puppy wearing a Shabby Shack bow!!
For Linsey, Go Huskers Go!!
Purple and cheetah bow for my sister Kylie!
Orange, Khaki, and lime green bow for Linsey!~Thank you so much for all of your business!
Pink baby bow for Kassie!
Pink zebra and purple headband for Angela!
Purple, orange, blue, and pink headband for Taylor!
multi colored baby bow for Kassie!
Blue, green, and pink baby bow for Kassie!
Pink, green, yellow, and orange baby bow for Kassie! Thank you so much for all of your business!!
4th of July headband for Addison!
4th of July bow for my sister Sydney!
4th of July bow!
Colorful rosettes on turquoise stretchy headband.
green, and teal/black zebra rosettes on a stretchy headband.
lime green and purple flower.
purple rosette with orange/pink/and white bow.
red, blue, and yellow bow.
Elite Cheer headband. Red, yellow, and black for my cousin Macey.
polka dot and peace sign rosettes on a stretchy orange headband.
Hot pink and white/turquoise/hot pink rosettes on stretchy headband.
pink/turquoise/white and lime green rosette on turquoise stretchy headband.
Zebra rosette on a stretchy headband.
multi colored headband.
Jean, navy, and turquoise headband.