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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines WHAT?!

Congrats Ashlee Olsen
head on over to our facebook page, here
Im sharing my LOVE (:
give away flower; seven layers perfect fit for valentines day.
all you need to do is like the picture, status, or photo post and you will be entered.
easy as that!  Winner will be picked Tuesday, February 1st at 10:00 pm.
I just love this flower!  seven layers full of pinks, reds, and whites.
pearls, button and rhinestone.  feathers, netting and "i love you" ribbon.
Why wouldnt you love this give away (:


$5.50 - blue and grey
three flower on headband. pearls feathers and rhinestones 
$4.00 - mini three rosettes
black and grey
pearls and feathers

Sunday, January 23, 2011

winners choice..

Thanks again to everyone who helped spread the word during our give away.
Here is what a few of our winners had in mind.
-black sassy.
feather, three rosettes and fibers
- mom and daughter mini
black, plum and ivory
feathers, pearls, sequins, and fibers.

Here are a few other clips that I have been busy making (:
-$5.50  black cluster.
five flower
pearls, feathers, fibers and rhinestones
includes headband
 -$4.50 mini black and red
fibers, button, pearls, rhinestone
includes headband
 -$3.50 purple mini
fibers, feathers, rhinestones, and pearls.
includes headband.

Keep checking back.. I feel some LOVE in the air for a Valentines clip give away to all of our awesome followers and like-rs (:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Seriously Made That...

During Christmas while I was blog hopping I somehow ended up on one of THEEEE funnest (yeah, I know that isnt a good word, but anywho) blogs ever!  Cami over at You Seriously Made That is so crafty!  I am very jealous of her skills (:  Anywho long story short we are blog buddies now, thanks to awesome hair accessories!  She is hosting her own give away HERE.  Her stuff is awesome!  I mean look what you could win!
This one is for sure my favorite because of the orange.
Can you say A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!
Dont forget to check her blog out (:
Cami is also a huuuge sweetheart because she also shared her to her blog buddies all about Shabby Shack! Check out the post here
Thanks again FABULOUS Holly for hosting my first ever give away.  The winners were chosen (:  I emailed everyone, so if you have not heard from me would you please leave me a comment on here so I can get the correct email address. Thanks everyone who liked us on Facebook, blogged to the world about us, and everything else you did for this give away.  You are all too kind! 

** keep checking back, new clips will be posted shortly.

Monday, January 10, 2011

dont forget..

Scatter Sunshine is still hosting a give away for us.  Check out Holly's blog for the details!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Gold flower with pearls and feather $8
Orange, brown, white, pink, and tan patterned fabric with pearl and orange feather $8
five flower girly fabric with teal feather $8
Bright yellow felt flower with white feather $8
Light purple and dark purple felt flower $8
Lime green and dark green felt flower $8
Light blue and dark blue felt flower $8

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Super big thanks to Holly over at Scatter Sunshine for hosting our first give away (:
Head on over there to get entered in, you can see the details here.
hurry because it closes on Friday
January 14th.

new clips (:

 $5 - leather five petal flower
pearls, rhinestones and feathers
 $5 - three flower bunch
grey and white
feathers, pearls, rhinestones and fibers
 $4 - six petal flower
knit navy blue
button, pearls, rhinestones and feathers
 $4 - two flower boutique bunch
silver and black
lace, pearls, rhinestones, feathers and fibers
 $5 - three flower bunch
browns and off white
pearls, rhinestones, fibers and feathers
 $4 - large six petal zig zag zebra flower
pearls, rhinestone and feathers
 $5 - five flower bunch
purple, tan, black and blue
pearls, sequins, feathers, fibers
$4 - five petal flower
yellow and black
pearls, rhinestone, feathers and fibers

Happy New Year 2011!!

White and grey bow with feather $8
Tan felt bow with brown feather $6
Burgundy, navy, and grey bow on headband $8.50
Zebra animal print, and brown burlap on a feather on a headband $8.50
Leopard bow with three flowers in the middle $6
Green and purple satin bow $5
Green and purple satin bow with green polka dotted feather $5
Forest green and Chardonnay satin bow $5
Zebra and red satin bow with black feather, Go Huskers! $5
Turquoise and brown satin bow with feather and pearls $5
Lavender bow with white feather $6
Orange, black, and white bow, Go Bengals!! $6
Leopard four petal bow $5
White six petal bow $6
Zebra Satin Bow $6

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I just finished an order for a customer.  These were fun for me because I was able to make double of each flower.  The two girls enjoy dressing alike (:
 $4 - single layer flower.
brown, yellow, blue, black and white
pearls and rhinestone
 $4 - six petal single flower
black and white
sequins, pearls, feathers and rhinestone
 $5 - five flower bunch
yellow and black
fibers, feathers, pearls and rhinestone
 $5 - three flower bunch
pear green and white
fibers, feathers, pearls and rhinestone

$5 - three flower bunch
brown, green and burlap
feathers, fibers, pearls and rhinestone

$5 - five flower bunch
purples and black leather
fibers, feathers, rhinestone, and pearls
$5 - three flower bunch
red, black and white
feathers, fibers, pearls and sequin
 $5 - three flower rosette bunch
black and grey
fibers, feathers, and pearls
 $4 - orange six petal flower
pearls, feathers, and rhinestone
 $5 - three rosette bunch
black and white
fibers, sequins, feathers, and pearls
 $4 - six petal pink flower
feathers, pearls, and rhinestone
$5 - four flower bunch
lime green and pink
pearls and rhinestone
Happy New Year (: