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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Burgundy, navy, and grey bow with feather and pearls $8


GO BIG RED!! If you are a husker fan this is a must!!
Husker Red and zebra satin bow $5

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

three more..

 $4 - multi layer
silk grey, orange, yellow
pearls and rhinestone
 $5 - four flower bunch
yellow, black and greys
fibers, rhinestones, pearls, and feathers
$5 - three flower bunch
red and white
pearls, rhinestone, fibers and feathers

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

F-U-N (:

 $4 - layer fun
purple and black
pearls, rhinestones, fibers and feathers

 $5.50 - lucky
green and off white rosette
ribbon, pearls, fibers, and feathers
includes headband
 $5 - five flower bunch
yellow and black variety fabric
pearls, rhinestones, fibers and feathers.
$3 - mini yellow and black flower
pearls, sequin, and rhinestone.

Monday, December 27, 2010

more fun hair bows!!


green and chardonnay satin bow with feather $5
Green and purple satin bow $5
Red, purple, and teal satin bow with teal feathers $5
Turquoise and purple satin bow with tulle $5
Pink and purple felt bow $5
Brown and chardonnay satin bow with feather $5
Black and white flower with three pearls in the middle $6
Gold and Navy blue satin bow $5
Teal and purple satin bow $5
multi colored bow with flower and white feather $7
two different shades of pink (difficult to see in the picture) with pink feather $6
Zebra bow with black feather $6
teal bow with turquoise feather $6
Blue and teal flower $8
Brown and tan bow $8
Pink and lime green bow with pink feather $8

Sunday, December 26, 2010

new fabric.

hope everyone enjoyed your holiday, we are busy making clips (:
 $5.50 - off white, brown and tans.
burlap, pearls, rhinestones, and netting
includes headband
 $5 - another BSU clip.
three flower
ribbons, fibers, pearls and rhinestone.

 $4 -  large single red flower
button, pearls, feathers, fibers and lace.
 $5 - three flower
deep coral, orange, tan, black and white
ribbon, fibers, pearls, rhinestones, and netting
 $4 - layer flower
yellow, navy, grey and white
rhinestone and pearls
$4 - puff flower
pink, black, and white.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

they just keep coming (:

 $5 - 3 flower
animal print, burlap and brown
pearls, feathers, sequins, and rhinestones
 $5 - 3 flower
tan and purple
pearls, feathers, and fibers
 $5 - four flowers
purple and pink
pearls, netting, rhinestones, and fibers
 $5 - three flower
pink and white
ribbon, feathers, pearls, and rhinestones
 $4 - burlap rosette
rhinestones and pearls
$4 - one flower clip
off white
pearls and rhinestones
$5 - three flower
black and red
feathers, pearls, rhinestones, ribbon, and fibers

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

green clip

$5 - green with envy (:
ricrac, ribbon, feathers, rhinestones, and pearls

Holiday Sale

A few more flowers posted just in time for the holiday (:
let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks to all of our customers who have supported us.
 $3 -  multi colored mini.
measures about 2 1/2" embellished with pearls and rhinestones.
 $3 - teal and purple mini
embellished with pearls, button, fibers, netting, and rhinestones.
 $3 - off white mini
measures 2 1/2" embellished with pearls and beads
 $5 - three flower brown and green
burlap, feathers, pearls, and rhinestones
 $5 - two flower
custard yellow and black and white.
pearls, rhinestone, sequins, and feathers.
 $5 - three flower
off white and grey.
pearls, fibers, rhinestones, and ribbon.

$5.50 - three flower on headband
bright color fabric, felt, button, pearls, feathers, fibers and netting.

Monday, December 20, 2010

More hair bows!

MORE FANTASY HAIR BOWS, THERE WILL BE MORE TO COME SHORTLY!! Keep in mind, there are some hair bows for just $3!! Prices of mostly
all the bows will be going up the day after Christmas so order your bows now!!
Light brown and Chocolate brown flower with pearls in the middle $6
Navy jean material flowers with black flower and pearls in the middle $6
Light brown burlap with pearl and feather and moss green with feather and pearl in the middle $6
For those of you who love bright colors! three flowers, burlap, feathers, and pearls! $8
Sorry about the picture, the colors are hard to see! green bow with light purple, light blue, light green, and light brown patterned fabric $6
Salmon colored bow $5
Tan burlap flower with pearl and feathers! $6
For those of you who are Idaho State fans! Orange polka dotted fabric with black and white polka dotted button! GO BENGALS!!