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Sunday, February 27, 2011

fun clip

My favorite thing about my job is when people ask me to create a clip for them, but I can do whatever I desire (: 
Here is a mini clip for a newborn girl. 
$4.00 - two mini flowers 
lime, purple, pink and white
feathers, netting, pearls, and fibers
$5.00 - three mini on clip
turquoise, pear green, and brown
lace, pearls, feathers and fibers

 $6.00 - three rosettes and feathers
lace, pearls and feathers
 $5.00 - black and grey
two flower, lace, bow, pearls, rhinestone and fibers
 $5.00 - nine layer 
pastels, feathers, pearls, netting and fibers
$5.00 - three mini rosette
turquoise, multi, and pear green polka dot
bow, netting lace, feather and pearls 
$6.00 - orange, turquoise, black and white
feathers, pearls, lace, and netting fibers
includes headband
$6.00 - multi colored
feathers, pearls, lace, and netting fibers
includes headband 
$6.00 - black, white, lime and pink
feathers, pearls, ribbon, and netting fibers
includes headband 
 $6.00 - multi silk
feathers, pearls,and fibers
includes headband

Thanks to everyone that has supported us!  Here are a few pictures of our creations. 
 If you have a picture, ANY type, of you wearing one of our creations please upload it to our facebook page (:  we would love if you would share how you wear it!
 Miss M wearing her mini flowers.
Kar strutting her headband (:
Tina's little gal wearing her flowers.

Head on over to Kar plus Wade and get on the give away (:
enjoy your week; its almost MARCH (:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the big Goliath...

Okay so this piece is HUGE!
but oh it is so cute.

$6.00 - ten rosettes.
lace, pearls, rhinestone, bow, and feathers
includes headband.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

spring fever

Its finally getting nice outside and I LOVE it!  I have been so busy with homework but I have been making priority breaks to make clips (:
$5.00 - round flower brown and turquoise
feathers, pearls, beads and rhinestone 
$3.00 - piglet puffs
lime, turquoise, and pink

$5.50 - three flower headband
tan, black and coral
pearls, feathers, netting, and bow
includes headband  
 $5.50 - three flower headband
orange and tan
pearls, netting and bow
includes headband
$6.00 - nine layer flower
orange, brown,  red, white, and yellow
pearls, feathers, netting and fibers
includes headband and clip

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Button to Grab!

Happy Valentines Day!  Hope each and everyone of you enjoy it.  We love each and every one of YOU
Just added our button that you can add to your page to spread the word about us.  Please pass along to your friends, family, co-workers, anyone you know!  Once we reach 100 fans on facebook we will do a give away

Sunday, February 6, 2011

new clips , just in (:

I love the nights when I can get many orders filled!
Here are a few new styles
three turquoise burnt flower 
feather, pearls, netting and bow
includes lace headband
turquoise and orange
netting, beads, and bow
includes crochet headband
sage green cluster
turquoise and brown cluster
feathers, netting, pearls, and fibers
includes headband 

custard yellow and magenta
feathers, rhinestones and netting
includes headband
mini brown zebra
pearls, feathers and fibers
pink, black and white cluster
feathers, pearls, sequins and fibers
large brown and ivory polka dot
pearls, rhinestones and feathers
eight layer flower
purples, teals, and greens
pearls, fibers, netting and feathers
includes headband
--keep in mind that any of these flowers can come on clips, headbands or crochet headbands
thanks for looking (:

Friday, February 4, 2011

holy moly..

Boy have I been busy with flowers (:
  Thanks again to all of our customers!  We do really appreciate you!
A few of our fans spent the a few hours with Amanda creating their own masterpieces,  what a fun day with you gals.
$5.50 - six petal multi-colored flower
feathers, fibers and pearls
includes headband
 $5.50 - six petal brown zebra
feathers, pearls and button.
includes headband
$5.00 - pink and grey cluster 
pearls, feathers and fibers.
 $5.00 - zebra and pink two flower
feathers, fibers and pearls
 $5.00 - black three flower cluster
pearls, fibers, sequins, and feathers
 $5.50 - red, turquoise and silver cluster
feathers, netting, pearls and fibers
includes headband
 $5.50 - wedding wonders
three flower white cluster
feathers, pearls, lace, and rhinestones.
includes headband
$4.00 - mini black, ivory and plum clip.
sequins, rhinestones, fibers and pearls
Stay tuned for more pictures to come 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bengal Pride

Thanks for everyone that entered our give away (:
$5.50 - Bengal Pride Flower.
feathers, pearls, sequins and spirit all included in this headband.
Perfect for Bengal Wednesday attire (: