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Sunday, February 27, 2011

fun clip

My favorite thing about my job is when people ask me to create a clip for them, but I can do whatever I desire (: 
Here is a mini clip for a newborn girl. 
$4.00 - two mini flowers 
lime, purple, pink and white
feathers, netting, pearls, and fibers
$5.00 - three mini on clip
turquoise, pear green, and brown
lace, pearls, feathers and fibers

 $6.00 - three rosettes and feathers
lace, pearls and feathers
 $5.00 - black and grey
two flower, lace, bow, pearls, rhinestone and fibers
 $5.00 - nine layer 
pastels, feathers, pearls, netting and fibers
$5.00 - three mini rosette
turquoise, multi, and pear green polka dot
bow, netting lace, feather and pearls 
$6.00 - orange, turquoise, black and white
feathers, pearls, lace, and netting fibers
includes headband
$6.00 - multi colored
feathers, pearls, lace, and netting fibers
includes headband 
$6.00 - black, white, lime and pink
feathers, pearls, ribbon, and netting fibers
includes headband 
 $6.00 - multi silk
feathers, pearls,and fibers
includes headband

Thanks to everyone that has supported us!  Here are a few pictures of our creations. 
 If you have a picture, ANY type, of you wearing one of our creations please upload it to our facebook page (:  we would love if you would share how you wear it!
 Miss M wearing her mini flowers.
Kar strutting her headband (:
Tina's little gal wearing her flowers.

Head on over to Kar plus Wade and get on the give away (:
enjoy your week; its almost MARCH (:


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