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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

more designs

  A few custom orders that we received for the holidays.
Each flower listed comes with an alligator clip for $5, after holidays this deal will be gone!
1/4" headbands can be substituted for .50
Thanks for looking (:
If you would like to do a custom order email us at or
$4 each- top left: black and gold
top right: aqua, brown and burlap
-bottom: off white

$5 - 3 flower: tans and purple netting, pearls and feathers

$5-three flower:  red, black, and white and black.  pearls, rhinestone and feathers.

$5 -4 flowers: black, silver, grey and white
pearls, rhinestone and sequins

$5- 5 flower:  purples and black.
netting, feathers, rhinestones and pearls

$5 -4 flowers: animal print, burlap, off white and brown
pearls, rhinestones, and netting

$4 -1 large: zebra green and off white.
rhinestones, pearls, and feathers.
$5 - 4 flower:  animal print, burlap, brown and black
feathers, burlap, rhinestones, sequines
$5 - 3 flower: zebra, hot pink, and black
pearls, rhinestones, netting, fibers
$5 - flower: mulit, turquoise, and black
pearls, rhinestones, sequines, and netting.


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