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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!

White and grey bow with feather $8
Tan felt bow with brown feather $6
Burgundy, navy, and grey bow on headband $8.50
Zebra animal print, and brown burlap on a feather on a headband $8.50
Leopard bow with three flowers in the middle $6
Green and purple satin bow $5
Green and purple satin bow with green polka dotted feather $5
Forest green and Chardonnay satin bow $5
Zebra and red satin bow with black feather, Go Huskers! $5
Turquoise and brown satin bow with feather and pearls $5
Lavender bow with white feather $6
Orange, black, and white bow, Go Bengals!! $6
Leopard four petal bow $5
White six petal bow $6
Zebra Satin Bow $6


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