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Sunday, January 2, 2011


I just finished an order for a customer.  These were fun for me because I was able to make double of each flower.  The two girls enjoy dressing alike (:
 $4 - single layer flower.
brown, yellow, blue, black and white
pearls and rhinestone
 $4 - six petal single flower
black and white
sequins, pearls, feathers and rhinestone
 $5 - five flower bunch
yellow and black
fibers, feathers, pearls and rhinestone
 $5 - three flower bunch
pear green and white
fibers, feathers, pearls and rhinestone

$5 - three flower bunch
brown, green and burlap
feathers, fibers, pearls and rhinestone

$5 - five flower bunch
purples and black leather
fibers, feathers, rhinestone, and pearls
$5 - three flower bunch
red, black and white
feathers, fibers, pearls and sequin
 $5 - three flower rosette bunch
black and grey
fibers, feathers, and pearls
 $4 - orange six petal flower
pearls, feathers, and rhinestone
 $5 - three rosette bunch
black and white
fibers, sequins, feathers, and pearls
 $4 - six petal pink flower
feathers, pearls, and rhinestone
$5 - four flower bunch
lime green and pink
pearls and rhinestone
Happy New Year (:


Steph said...

All so cute! My favs are the yellow/black/white and the green/white ones! Love them!

Cami said...

You are amazing! These are all so beautiful! Seriously! I'm featuring you sometime this week so look out :)
Cami @

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