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Monday, April 4, 2011


Bows and headbands specially made for my cousin Hannah!
Made to match Hannah's confirmation dress. Chardonnay, black and cream bow with feathers, pearls, and beads.
Perfect for spring and summer! lime green felt with blue, pink, and green fabric. feathers, fibers, beads, pearls, buttons, and more!
A "Husker" bow! Red patterned fabric, and silver satin with feathers, pearls, beads, and fibers!
Marian blue bow! Royal blue and white patterned fabric with royal blue felt, beads, pearls, feathers, and fibers!
Classy black and silver satin bow with black felt, feathers, pearls, beads, and fibers!
greens, pinks, and purples! feathers, beads, tulle, and fibers!
White headband with white satin, pearls, lace, fibers, and more!


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