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Friday, February 4, 2011

holy moly..

Boy have I been busy with flowers (:
  Thanks again to all of our customers!  We do really appreciate you!
A few of our fans spent the a few hours with Amanda creating their own masterpieces,  what a fun day with you gals.
$5.50 - six petal multi-colored flower
feathers, fibers and pearls
includes headband
 $5.50 - six petal brown zebra
feathers, pearls and button.
includes headband
$5.00 - pink and grey cluster 
pearls, feathers and fibers.
 $5.00 - zebra and pink two flower
feathers, fibers and pearls
 $5.00 - black three flower cluster
pearls, fibers, sequins, and feathers
 $5.50 - red, turquoise and silver cluster
feathers, netting, pearls and fibers
includes headband
 $5.50 - wedding wonders
three flower white cluster
feathers, pearls, lace, and rhinestones.
includes headband
$4.00 - mini black, ivory and plum clip.
sequins, rhinestones, fibers and pearls
Stay tuned for more pictures to come 


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